A surrealist dream about the interior of a mythical hotel where humans and mythological figures are gathering, dancing and celebrating together the eternal Mediterranean summer, is the main inspiration of London based artist and designer, Gergei Erdei’s home decor collection.

Erdei juxtaposed his vision of 1970’s french riviera, with memories he collected while he spent a year in the eternal city of Rome, as womenswear ready to wear and embroidery designer of Gucci. He incorporated his surrealist illustrations of Roman deities and mythological motifs in a line of handcrafted sculptural ceramics, printed cushions, bespoke wallpapers and decorative artworks.

His collection includes horned, Faun-like vases and star covered urns among serving platters, coming in vivid colours and various shapes, inspired by the clean lines of neoclassical vases. Each design reflects the character of the mythological figure it’s named after. Erdei used contrasting matte and shiny glazes among details inspired by terrazzo tiles. His cushions are featuring prints developed from his original illustrations and geometric monogram patterns, influenced by ’70s typography.

“Creating a collection for me is like making a perfume. I collect components in my head and continuously make photographs of anything I found intriguing wherever I go. Subsequently, I build up the main story in my head. It’s like a movie. I picture characters and dive deeply into details. What is she wearing, or what is the colour of her nail polish. How is her home decorated, and how is the casino furnished, where she is going out? These stories are frequently translated into the visual communication of my work. My designs are elements of these visions. In my recent home decor collection, I wanted to include bright yet fun objects which stand out and instantly lit up your interior. They are not only functional but also mend to bring an artistic influence.”

Erdei’s love affair for midcentury modern interiors influenced the lookbook of the collection what he created in collaboration with set designer Priszcilla Varga and photographer Panna Donka.