A satisfying drink is all about the right amount of ingredients and the well-balanced flavours with a hint of quirky decor to fulfil our visual hunger. The situation is the same if you would like to change the ambience of your home filled with antique furniture.

I have great respect for preserving the unique character of the past, although I understand antiques can be often dark and heavy objects which take up all the air of an interior. Sometimes we just want to play a bit around to make some smaller changes, but we are often unsure where to start.

I always say the most effective and affordable way is blending your antiques with colourful contemporary objects. Think about interesting vases, a bright painting or cushions with unique prints. Mixing contrasting styles, textures, shapes and styles are evolving into a special approach to achieving excellent visual impact and a distinctive look.

I have collected some useful tips and collaged some images to help you to reorganise and freshen-up your home while not throwing away any beloved antique pieces.

When it comes to books I like to arrange them in a less usual way. This allows placing a few interesting objects in the gaps to highlight and bring attention to the bookshelf. It can function almost like a cabinet of curiosities. On the picture, I used the Faun Vase which stands out due to the bright orange details.

Some antique chairs can look a little boring. You can, of course, change the cover to a modern jacquard or a printed fabric. In case you prefer smaller changes the Occhio Cushion can brighten up any corner of your home due to its bright, rainbow-coloured print.

Mixing different prints can make a bright statement effect. If you have monochrome colours all over your home, be brave and introduce a brighter piece which brings new energy and creates an artistic yet inviting ambience. On the pictures, I mixed the Monogram Cushion in Mustard with Occhio Cushion and the Sol Cushion. On the second picture, I used the Antevorta Vase.

If you are not afraid of colour I encourage you to choose a brighter colour and repaint a wall or the whole interior. This can instantly change the mood of your home and modernise your antique furniture. A wallpaper that has an interesting floral or geometric pattern can also deliver the same wow-effect. Everything works if balanced but not everything has to match. You can layer different styles and experiment with brighter colours.

Adding an art print or placing a vase on a special stand can definitely give an artistic influence. Experiment a bit and add an antique frame to a modern art print. On the pictures, I used the Sol art print and the Planetario Vase.

I hope these few tips helped you to reimagine your antique interior. Please don’t hesitate if you have any further questions.